Thank you to our Community and Lockhaven students for taking a stand against Domestic Violence!

Butterflies are being sold for a $1 donation at local businesses throughout October.


All proceeds stay in Potter County to assist local residents.


Names are not required.


If you do not wish to identify yourself or the person you are honoring, you can write "Friend," "Family member," "Anonymous," "Survivor" or any other non-identifying words on your butterfly.

October 16th


National Pronoun Day

The #1Thing Community Pledge

The #1ThingCommunity Pledge is a call to action, an invitation, a voluntary choice and opportunity to affirm your commitment to end domestic violence.


Taking the pledge says that you will help end domestic violence

by pledging to do #1Thing.


I pledge to _____________________________________________________________.


I understand doing/changing one thing can make a difference in my community

and the movement to end domestic violence.


I will use my voice to stand against victim-blaming, discrimination,

and violence to end the stigma towards victims and survivors.


I will use my privilege to speak out and create space for those who do not have the same privilege as me.


I will share my #1Thing boldly and proudly, and often,

to inspire others to make a commitment to action against domestic violence.


I will also encourage others to embrace their own #1Thing to support victims and survivors of domestic violence, and honor the advocates that work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of all survivors.

Mayor's Proclamation for

Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Thank you, Mayor!


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