Social Media Safety



Social media is a wonderful thing unless you are being stalked, harrassed and located through it. If you have recently left an abuser, it is wise to stay away from posting on any social media during this time for your own safety.

When it is safe to return to social media, there are instructions on their page to help you understand what others see when you post and how to make your account more private. Look under account settings or privacy settings.

Here are some things to consider changing to keep yourself safe...

  • If you have shared your sign-in information with your abuser, CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY or start a new account.


  • Block anyone from seeing your posts who might relay this information to your abuser. This may mean you only share with very close trusted friends who aren't his friends on FB.

  • Many smartphones have GPS which will automatically show your location when you take a picture and share it with them. Turn this feature OFF. If you don't know how, contact the phone maker and get instructions. These phones may also be locating you anytime they are on.

  • Under your privacy settings you can choose who can see your information. You have the option of sharing it with the Public, Friends, Only Me, or Custom. Under "Custom" you can exclude certain people.

  • Be cautious as to who you accept as "Friends". Abusers can set up new identities and try to get back into your account that way. If it is someone you are already a friend with whose name comes up to re-friend, contact this person directly and make sure it isn't an imposter.

  • Liking or commenting on public posts take on the privacy settings that person or organization has set for that item. You may be seen by many more people than you realize.

  • Check for postings you've have been tagged in. Tagging may allow others to find your timeline. Use your privacy setting to approve all tags before they appear on your timeline. You can limit the audience of posts that you are tagged in and you can turn off the "tag suggestions" feature. You can also remove tags of yourself. However, this does not remove the picture or post but keeps it off your timeline.

  • Security Settings

    Abusers may try to access your account by guessing the password and logging into the account.  When answering security questions for resetting passwords or verifications, make up fake answers that your abuser can not guess.

    Also, turn on login notifications either by email or text message if someone tries to access your account from a computer or device that you haven't used before. You can manage the devices that are allowed to have access to your account and delete an abuser's device.